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Dockstar: Does not boot with self-compiled Kernel?

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When I was trying to find proper kernel configs for the dockstar, I had to try several builds. Everytime my kernel didn't boot I had to revert the arcNumber and install a working kernel again.

There are two ways to test a kernel:

  1. Grab another USB stick, make a backup and try the kernel on this backup. If you always do a new backup before testing another build, it will take a long time.
  2. Test the kernel on the running system (or a backup-stick) and reinstall another kernel in case yours wont boot. In difference to 1. you do this in a chrooted jail.

I want to explain how you do the chroot thing with some lines. The first thing you have to do if the device wont boot is to detach all USB devices and let the dockstar boot into Pogoplug (remember the login: root:stxadmin). Then you only attach the USB stick you want to revert the kernel on!

Now you are ready to reboot the dockstar into your debian installation:

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  • Excellent article on chrooting. I was wondering how to do it. :)

  • Excellent guide. I will most likely have to use this, as I am just now compiling my new custom kernel.

  • excellent guide,
    But, I do not have /boot/uInitrd but only uImage in my debian .Is problem?

    • shyd

      This should be no problem. If you can’t boot anymore you can use this guide to install any kernel you want to try.

  • ok, thank’s. This, is my first install in dockstar, to replace my old server.

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  • Sebastian

    After a long time without problems I decided to reinstall my Dockstar. Now I encounter serious problems:

    I used your script ( to install debian – just like I did the last time. After the suggested reboot it’s impossible to log in via putty. The green light is on, the DS gets an IP and I’m confused, because I’m not usd to Linux.

    Without the USB-Stick the Dockstar boots normal.

    Do you have any idea or suggestion?


    • shyd

      You are the 2nd encountering this problem, but I did the same thing some weeks ago just to retest the script – without any trouble though.
      Do you have a serial connection to monitor the kernel output? If not, netconsole would be an idea.