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Android: pyLoad App

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Since I installed pyLoad on my dockstar I used Jabber to get download statuses and add new packages. Then I updated pyLoad to v0.4.5 and saw there is support of an Android app. It's pretty cool though, you see every info you want to see when using a remote app. These three sections of the web interface are available: Overview, Queue and Collector. More or less the whole web interface is put into this app. There are no problems so far, everything is working flawlessly.

If you want to install it on your phone, click the QR code or scan it with your android device.

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  • ultrazauberer

    Today I tested the Android client and I can connect via WLAN or mobile connection. But if I enter the captcha the client show me the same captcha for 3 times and after that the download fails. But via web interface the captcha is working. Any ideas?

    • shyd

      This might be a bug in the pyload engine. I haven’t done any coding on the pyload project, so I can’t answer your question (yet). You may try to update your pyload installation to the most recent tip. Therefor I wrote a little script, see the update in my pyload article.