Dockstar/Goflex: new Kernel 3.1.10 ready to use

Dockstar/Goflex: new Kernel 3.1.10 ready to use

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It’s now been a while since I installed the 3.1.0-1 kernel from sid and made some testing. But I don’t like the LED beeing solid green during boot, I want to see whats going on. Thats why I decided to compile 3.1.10 with heartbeat from this erlier article: Dockstar: new Kernel 2.6.38 ready to use. The config is based on sid’s 3.1.0-1, if you want to take a look at it, you will find it here: config-3.1.10-dockstar-shyd_1.2
It supports several devices like wifi, webcam, audio or dvb.

Some of you might ask why I didn’t build 3.2.1. I did, but it wouldn’t boot.

If you know what you are doing you are ready to download and install the kernel. I am not responsible for any malfunctions or damages on your device!

I assume that you already set the arcNumber to 2998 to make the kernel identify the dockstar as a dockstar.
You can install it as follows:

You can leave the arcNumber untouched. In this case the LED will go off once the kernel has been loaded.

Once the device booted up again log in and check the output of uname -r:

Update 13.02.2012: Proper LED Setup

To make the LED “know what to do” you have to edit two files:

add to

and in


add after

to set it off, when the system halts.

Update 03.03.2012: added Goflex support

Some of you asked if my kernel supports the Goflex Net and Goflex Home – now it does!
Special thanks to Hubert, who tested it on his Goflex!
You can install the kernel on the dockstar as described above. On the goflex you need this deb:

The LEDs of the Goflex Home are called:


…and for the Goflex Net:


Once the device booted up again log in and check the output of uname -r: