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Hello World,

the main idea behind this blog was more a dedicated website to share interesting links and some projects for my fellow students than publishing guides and howtos out the whole world.
I am studying Applied Information Technology, Computer Engineering at the Flensburg University of Applied Science as it is one of my hobbies for years.

German domain and English posts?!

This is quite simple, three facts:

  1. I live in Germany, so I got a .de domain (sadly the .com was already taken)
  2. English is the main language in Information Technology
  3. you reach much more people posting in English
  4. to improve my English

Yes, that's four, forget the last one.

There are German posts in between

When I am linking to German content, there is no need to write in English though. But I will try make this blog more international because Google Analytics sais I have visitors from more than 30 countries.

I am not responsible for any damage or malfunction of your device or software by using my HowTos!

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